Propertyinvestor-sa is a property investment company designed to specifically assist property owners who are in financial distress.

Property owners in financial distress are faced with arrears on their mortgage bonds and the bank has taken steps to foreclose them.

Foreclose in that the bank has issued summons, either default judgment has been taken in cases where the summons were not defended and or a summary judgment was taken where the matter was defended and there was no bona fide defence.

Should the summary judgment be defended, then the matter will be scheduled for trial depending on the decision by court, the property owner may still be faced with a sale in execution.

Accordingly, Propertyinvestor-sa is a company that restores your dignity where all avenues have been exhausted and all what is remaining is to be evicted by the Sheriff.

To this end, our focus is to assist you to either keep your property or settle your debt in full and cash in on the equity that has accrued over the years.